About Us

At Smartphone Insight, our mission is to help you get the most from your smartphone. This could mean improving handset speed, increasing your smartphone privacy, or simply learning how to use Whatsapp.

We publish easy explainers to help you learn the basics of using your smartphone and improve your digital connectivity. We focus on explaining basic smartphone concepts and how to use modern devices, to help people learn how to keep in touch with loved ones and use their favourite apps with ease.

In the digital age, and with the 5G rollout here in the UK, mobile phones are becoming increasingly important to our everyday lives. Despite this, 30% of those over 55 in the UK do not own a smartphone.

If you’ve never had a touchscreen device before, it can be extremely overwhelming to try and use a modern smartphone for the first time. It’s our mission to help fix this.

While we do review different smartphone and data plans, we’re not a comparison site. Rather than just listing different deals and their prices, we ask the question “is this deal good value for money, and if so, who is it for?”. Essentially, our reviews are designed to simplify the process of buying a new phone plan.

If you have a specific question about your smartphone or how to use it, feel free to contact us for a response within 24 hours.


Tom Paton – Founder

Tom Paton from Smartphone Insight.

I’m Tom, the founder of Smartphone Insight.

I’ve been the “computer guy” in our household since I was about 10 years old, and this meant helping out with everyone’s phones as well. Every time anyone got a new handset, whether it was a Nokia, a Blackberry, or more recently a Samsung, it was my job to set it up, which is how I learnt what I know about these devices.

I started Smartphone Insight because most smartphone-related content on the web right now isn’t really very useful unless you already know a lot about mobile phones. For example, if you try to search for guidance about teaching an elderly person how to use a smartphone, you’ll mostly find lists of phones that are suitable for older users. This is all well and good, but how do you help someone begin using a smartphone if they’ve never used one before?

The other reason I started this website is to help people find the right mobile phone or data deal for their specific needs. Right now, most of the information out there comes from comparison sites. This just means you’ll be shown a list of different plans, with the most popular one at the top. I wanted to create content that explains the differences between each deal, and shows you what to look for when choosing what to buy.

Free free to contact me by email – tom*at*smartphoneinsight.com – if you have any questions about our site.

Current phone: Google Pixel 4
Previous phones: Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S5, Motorola Defy Mini XT321

Tyler Bevan – Head of Partnerships

Tyler Bevan from Smartphone Insight.

Hi there, I’m Tyler, and I help with website partnerships as well as content on Smartphone Insight.

I’m the resident Apple nerd, so if there’s an article on our site about iPhones or iPads, I probably wrote it!

When I’m not helping out with Smartphone Insight, I play football on the weekends and video games in my spare time. I love iPhones because they’re just better for gaming in my opinion, but I also have a PC to play games on as well.

Current phone: iPhone 11 Pro
Previous phones: 
iPhone 8, iPhone 5S, iPhone 3GS