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Looking to buy an iPhone 11 Pro Max?

In this buyer’s guide, we’ve reviewed the 5 best iPhone 11 Pro Max deals in the UK right now.

We’ve also looked at the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max in more depth, to see if this is a phone worth buying right now.

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iPhone 11 Pro Max

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iPhone 11 Pro Max

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Affordable Mobiles

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Best iPhone 11 Pro Max deals

iPhone 11 Pro Max in front of city skyline.

Let’s begin our reviews.

Below, we’ve looked at the top 5 iPhone 11 Pro Max deals you can buy right now.

1. iPhone 11 Pro Max

For those after an iPhone 11 Pro Max on a pay monthly contract, buymobiles is definitely worth looking at.

They have a range of data deals available on this phone, all for a pretty reasonable monthly cost. Each comes with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and free delivery to the UK.

You can choose between contracts on the O2, Vodafone, or EE network, allowing you to use the network that works best in your area, which is great. buymobiles also throw in the free benefits offered by each carrier – for example, you can get access to the VeryMe free gifts app with Vodafone, just like a regular Vodafone pay monthly customer.

In terms of value for money, these deals are quite good. Most have no upfront cost, although you can also choose a deal with a higher upfront cost in order to reduce your monthly cost.

However, there isn’t much choice in terms of the amount of data you can get. You can either get 100GB per month or unlimited data, so these deals aren’t the best value for moneey if you mostly use your phone on your home WiFi.



  • Good network choice.
  • Great value.
  • Includes benefits from each network.
  • Can choose to pay more or less upfront to alter your monthly cost.
  • Cons

  • No low-data options.
  • Overall value rating


    2. Metrofone iPhone 11 Pro Max

    Similar to buymobiles, Metrofone offers the iPhone 11 Pro Max on a range of different contracts from a few different providers.

    Each of their deals has a 24 month contract length, but the data plan choice is better than with buymobiles – you can get 100GB or unlimited data, but there are cheaper 8GB per month deals available if you don’t use your 4G data all that often.

    The issue with Metrofone is their iPhone 11 Pro Max deals tend to have a higher price, including a higher upfront cost. This is partly because they sell the 256GB/512GB versions of this handset, rather than the cheaper 64GB version.

    However, the choice of networks is good (although you can’t get an O2 SIM), and you get a good choice of free gifts and other benefits from each network. You also get unlimited texts and unlimited minutes to UK numbers.

    Overall, if you don’t mind paying a higher price for a phone with more storage, Metrofone is worth considering.



  • Lots of data plan choice.
  • Can get the 256GB or 512GB versions of this phone.
  • Free gifts included from each network.
  • Cons

  • High prices.
  • Overall value rating


    3. Affordable Mobiles iPhone 11 Pro Max

    Affordable Mobiles’ iPhone 11 Pro Max contract options have a similar cost structure to those of buymobiles.

    In short: this means that the per month prices are quite reasonable, and you can choose to pay a higher upfront cost to lower your monthly bill. Affordable Mobiles offer good value for money if you’re looking at this handset on a contract.

    Also, their plans only last 24 months – you’re not locked in for 36 months like with some other resellers. Unfortunately though, the range of data limit choice isn’t great, unless you want a lot of data. You can find deals with less data, but they are few and far between, and have a higher upfront cost.

    Like with most other providers, you get free gifts from each carrier thrown in, no matter the SIM card you go for, and each contract has unlimited texts and unlimited minutes.

    If you want this device with a stack of data, these pay monthly deals are worth looking at, as they offer a low cost per gigabyte of data received. However, if you don’t use much data, and want to reduce your total cost, it might be worth buying the phone SIM free, which Affordable Mobiles also offer, and then buying a cheap SIM deal.



  • Reasonable prices.
  • Can choose your network.
  • Includes free benefits from each carrier.
  • Cons

  • Data plan choice could be better.
  • Overall value rating


    What you need to know

    iPhone 11 Pro Max.

    In this part, we’ll explain how to find the right Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max deal for your specific needs.

    We’ll also look at the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max in more detail, to see if this handset is worth buying right now.

    iPhone 11 Pro Max specifications

    ModeliPhone 11 Pro Max
    Dimensions158 x 77.8 x 8.1 mm
    Screen size6.5 inches
    Screen resolution (pixels)2688 x 1242 Super Retina XDR OLED
    Screen refresh rate60 Hz
    Rear camera(s) (megapixels)12, 12, 12
    Front camera(s) (megapixels)12
    Operating systemiOS
    ChipsetApple A13 Bionic
    Battery capacity3969mAh
    Charging portLightning port
    Virtual assistantSiri
    Water/dust proofingIP68 - dust-proof, waterproof up to 4m for 30 minutes
    Wireless charging✔️
    5G compatibility
    Memory card slot

    Is the iPhone 11 Pro Max still worth buying?

    The iPhone 11 Pro Max is definitely worth buying right now – it performs extremely well, even when compared with much newer phones. However, it’s still quite an expensive device.

    The thing that really stands out about the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max is its camera system. You get a triple rear camera setup, with one wide-angle, one telephoto, and one ultra-wide-angle camera lens.

    The versatility of this triple lens camera system is quite incredible. You can take ultrawide shots of landscapes with ease, while next minute you’re shooting close-up macro photos, taking advantage of the rear camera’s optical zoom. You also get Night Mode from Apple, and the front camera’s portrait mode works really well for bokeh selfies.

    Another great thing about this phone is the display. As long as you don’t mind the ultra-large 6.5 inch screen size, the Super Retina OLED display looks really nice. It has great colour depth, and shows a lot of detail for such a large display.

    Also, this handset is perfect for long days of extended usage, such as when travelling. It has a massive battery – nearly 4000 mAh in fact – and does a good job minimising the amount of charge used during the day. The regular iPhone 11 has about 3000 mAh, for context, although it uses less power because it’s a smaller handset.

    There are some areas where the iPhone 11 Pro Max doesn’t perform as well as newer iPhones. It only has a 60 Hz refresh rate, even though phones released at the same time, like the Samsung S20 Plus, had a 120 Hz display. Also, it’s not 5G compatible, unlike the iPhone 12.

    Is the iPhone 11 Pro Max the right phone for me?

    iPhone 11 Pro Max with box.

    The thing you need to know about the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max is it’s quite a large device. As a result, it can be difficult to hold in one hand, and it’s also quite heavy.

    • For most people, the ultra-large 6.5 inch display is a good thing to have.
    • It means that TV shows and movies look better – you have more screen real estate, so you can see more detail.
    • It makes text easier to read – you have more room to zoom in on things. You can also write texts more easily, since the keyboard is bigger.
    • When you take a photo, it’s easy to judge whether the picture is any good or not, since you have a 6.5 inch screen. You don’t need to send it to your Macbook to get a good idea of whether the photo needs re-taking.

    However, there are downsides to having such a large phone.

    • The iPhone 11 Pro Max weighs 226g, which makes it one of the heaviest smartphones ever made. You might not mind this weight, but some people prefer to have a lighter handset. The weight can cause problems if you have to hold the phone to your ear for 30+ minutes, or when trying to hold the device to record a lengthy video clip.
    • The handset might not fit in your pocket easily, depending on what you wear. And if it does fit, it may be difficult to take out, unless you have pockets with a very wide opening.

    Other than its size making it great for movie watchers, the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max is great for travellers and photographers, due to its triple rear camera and massive battery capacity.

    If you don’t plan to travel or take many photos, and don’t want a handset with a big display in order to watch videos, other phones with a lower price tag may be better value for money.

    What does the iPhone 11 Pro Max cost?

    The iPhone 11 Pro Max generally costs about £35-£45 per month on a contract with a 24 month contract length, assuming you choose a plan with no upfront cost.

    Of course, the total cost of this handset over the life of the contract depends on the network and the amount of data included.

    SIM free, this handset costs about £700-£900, depending on the version of the phone you buy.

    Can you buy the iPhone 11 Pro Max refurbished?

    iPhone 11 Pro Max camera.

    Yes, you can buy the iPhone 11 Pro Max refurbished. In fact, most contracts on this handset are for refurbished models – it can be hard to find a new iPhone 11 Pro Max for sale, even SIM free.

    The prices we discussed above are for a refurbished device, because prices for a new iPhone 11 Pro Max are difficult to find at the moment.

    Who has the best iPhone 11 Pro Max deals?

    Currently, has the best deals on the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

    They have the best prices, and the best range of networks available to buy this handset on a contract. They also have the best SIM free prices compared to other mobile phone resellers.

    However, buymobiles doesn’t offer this phone on the Three network. If you want the iPhone 11 Pro Max on Three, you’ll need to buy from Metrofone.

    iPhone 11 Pro Max versions explained

    iPhone 11 Pro Max Midnight Green.

    When choosing which iPhone 11 Pro Max to buy, you first need to consider how much internal storage you need. This iPhone came with 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB of storage. The 64GB version is by far the most common, and is available for a cheaper price today.

    After deciding how much internal storage you need on your new iPhone, the next step is to decide what colour you’d like to buy. The iPhone 11 Pro Max came in:

    • Space Grey
    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Midnight Green

    Each colour has a matte finish. If you’re looking for brighter, non-matte colours, you might like to buy a phone case, or you could look at the iPhone 11 or iPhone XR – both of which came in colours such as red and yellow.

    Why was the iPhone 11 Pro Max discontinued?

    The iPhone 11 Pro Max was discontinued in October 2020, when the iPhone 12 came out. This decision was likely made to try and boost iPhone 12 sales, especially since the iPhone 11 Pro Max performed so well.

    As a result, it can be quite difficult to find the iPhone 11 Pro Max for sale, especially if you want a new phone. Most models available on a pay monthly contract are refurbished handsets.

    iPhone 11 Pro Max vs iPhone 11 Pro

    Apple iPhone 11 Pro with Apple AirPods.

    The main difference between the iPhone 11 Pro and the 11 Pro Max is the size of the display.

    While the Pro comes with a 5.8 inch screen, the Pro Max has a 6.5 inch display, making it a decent bit heavier than most mobile phones on the market at the time. Both mobiles use the same OLED screen technology.

    The Pro Max also comes with a much bigger battery, lasting about an extra half hour over the course of the day. This also helps contribute to the phone’s extra weight and higher price tag.

    Apart from that, these two mobile phones are very similar. They both have the same front camera and rear camera, come with the iOS 13 operating system (which can be updated), and are available with the same storage capacity options.

    iPhone 11 Pro Max vs iPhone 12 Pro Max

    Rather than comparing the iPhone 11 Pro Max to the regular iPhone 12, it makes more sense to compare it with the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Both phones are larger handsets with upgraded cameras, and both came with a similar price tag at launch.

    The iPhone 12 Pro Max has a number of small upgrades when compared to the 11 Pro Max, namely:

    • A bigger screen – coming in at 6.7 inches instead of the older phone’s 6.5. However, the two mobile phones weigh roughly the same amount.
    • A better chipset – coming with the Apple A14 chip rather than the A13 Bionic (plus two extra gigabytes of RAM). This makes the handset feel a bit sharper to use, especially when loading apps.
    • 5G compatibility – which the iPhone 11 Pro Max doesn’t have.

    Slight camera upgrades – for example, Night Mode looks a lot better thanks to a wider aperture lens, and has been added to the selfie camera and ultrawide rear camera on the iPhone 12. There is also a software update to reduce lens distortion, and a new lidar sensor, to judge depth and improve photo output, especially portrait mode selfies. However, the cameras on both mobile phones still perform extremely well – it’s often hard to separate them.

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